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Next week is Take a Breath Week. Thursday 18 Feb

Heading:  Next Week is Take a Breath

Copy:  Next week is Take a Breath Week in New Zealand and we’d love to get involved.
We have the opportunity to join the 7-Day Take a Breath Challenge.

Clinically, it’s known that 100% of people experiencing anxiety are breathing ineffectively, and we want to help everyone learn to breathe well again.

Download the Take a Breath app
iOS: Download
Android: Download
Let’s get ready to start the Take a Breath Challenge on Monday.


Download Social Image 

Start the Take a Breath Challenge. Monday 22 Feb

Heading: The Take a Breath 7-Day Challenge starts today

Copy: The Take a Breath 7-Day Challenge starts today and here’s how to join in:

  • Download the Take a Breath app
    iOS: Download
    Android: Download
  • Click the 7-Day Challenge
  • Take the Quiz
  • Set your breathing reminders
  • Breathe well for 7 days
  • Re-take the quiz and get your results


Download Social Image


The Breath Response Video. Tuesday 23 Feb

Heading: How are we supposed to breathe?

Copy: The way we breathe directly impacts our physical and mental health. Take a look at this short video which explains the effects of chest breathing and tummy breathing, and how to breathe well.


Download Video


What to Expect. Wednesday 24 Feb

Heading: What to expect when you breathe well for 7 days

Copy: How’s your 7-Day challenge going?  Previous results from the 7-Day Challenge returned excellent results:

  • 76% of people reported improved sleep
  • 96% of people reported increased levels of calm
  • 82% of people reported increased energy levels

Keep up the good work, and if you need to, you can start the challenge again.


Download Social Image

Reminder to re-take the Quiz. Friday 26 Feb

Heading:  We’re nearly finished!

Copy:  Hopefully you’ve noticed a difference from breathing well the last few days. Soon you’ll have completed the 7-Day Challenge, and you will be prompted to re-take the quiz to get your results.  Keep it up, and make sure you do…


Download Social Image

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