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This book examines the direct and causal link between the stress and anxiety of modern life, and the way humans breathe.

At Take a Breath we believe that everyone needs to understand the direct and causal link
between our stress and overwhelm, and the way we breathe.

We’re taking too many breaths. The pace and pressure of modern life has meant our breathing has shifted, from where it’s supposed to sit in our belly, into our chest. And when we shallow breathe, into our chest, it intricately changes our state.

It’s caused a systemic anxiety state, globally.

It’s not been enough though, to simply tell people to breathe well – breathing sounds too simple.

So, Take a Breath explains the science.

The mechanics

Understand the mechanics of your stress response, and how this directly impacts the way you think and function.

Recognising changes

Recognise the precise and instant changes that occur in your brain when you’re stressed or anxious.

Mitigate anxiety

Learn to recognise key anxiety indicators, what causes them and how to mitigate them.

Reset patterns

Discover the patterns your brain has created and how to reset them.

Experience the benefits

Use training methods to reset your breathing patterns and experience the benefits.

When we understand the science – the direct and causal link between anxiety, stress, and health; and the way we breathe

– then, we will start to see a difference.

Our work is not to be considered medical advice, or to replace the advice of your specialist. Should you require expert advice and training for your breathing, please contact one of our Bradcliff clinicians.

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