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Series One


Module 1

Train to breathe well

Tips that show you how to get started with your breathe training.

Module 2

The Breath Response

Understand the link between the way you breathe, and physical + mental health

Module 3

Your brain and stress

Learn the common denominator between all people experiencing stress and anxiety

Series Two

The Mechanics of Stress

Module 4

Health and productivity

Learn how your breathing directly impacts your health and productivity

Module 5

Stress is Physical

Understand the physical vs emotional aspects of stress

Module 6

The Signs of Anxiety

Recognise the physical and mental signs of stress and anxiety.

Series Three

Think differently about Stress

Module 7

Neural patterns

Understand the patterns created in your brain when you are stressed and anxious

Module 8

The Challenge

The physiological reasons it can be hard to deal with stress and what to do about it.

Module 9

Positive + negative thinking

The impact of constructive and negative thinking on your stress response

Series Four

Switch on Health

Module 10

Default Mode

Decide to manage your screen time, and learn what your brain does differently when you disconnect

Module 11

Sleep Insights

Understand how to improve your sleep patterns

Module 12

The Breath Matrix

A summary. Understand the three key components of stress, anxiety and breathing.

Our work is not to be considered medical advice, or to replace the advice of your specialist. Should you require expert advice and training for your breathing, please contact one of our Bradcliff clinicians.

For information about Bradcliff and to access the network of clinicians please visit BradCliff.com

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