Tania Clifton-Smith

Musculo-respiratory, Physiotherapist

Physiotherapist Tania has 30 years experience in the field of breathing dysfunction, breathing pattern disorders and hyperventilation syndrome and physiotherapy.

She co-foundered Breathing Works clinics 1998: the clinics have treated over 30,000 individuals with breathing pattern disorders & breathing dysfunction.

Clifton-Smith established the BradCliff Breathing Method in 2008, a physiotherapy treatment programme for breathing dysfunction. She completed the post graduate MindBody Medicine diploma AUT Auckland 2015.

Tania is an acclaimed author.

Published works on breathing pattern disorders & breathing dysfunction include:

Breathe to Succeed (Penguin NZ 1999)

Dynamic Breathing – managing your asthma. (Random NZ 2008)

Breathe Stretch & Move. (Random NZ 2002)

Breathing Matters (Random NZ 2006).

Tania also holds positions on the NZ Asthma and Allergy Educational Board, and in the NZ Physiotherapy Business Development Advisory Group.

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