Sarah Laurie

Founder, Take a Breath

Sarah Laurie founded Take a Breath in 2019 after pressing pause on a 15-year career as an author and speaker in the wellness space. Disillusioned by poor health statistics, she began a mission to better understand anxiety – the worlds fastest growing mental health issue.

After four years spent working with scientists, cell biologists, breathing physicians and industry experts from around the world, a single proposition emerged – the pace and pressure of the 21st century has shifted our breathing from our tummy to our chest, and this has systematically changed our state.

“ I firmly believe that every person needs to learn that the way we breathe, while we go about our days, directly impacts the level of stress and anxiety we experience.  It seems so simple, however, the breath response is an intricate and complex mechanism that directly impacts human health.”  Sarah Laurie

Realising the magnitude of the problem; Sarah became committed to developing a solution that would help everyone.    

Take a Breath partners with companies in order to reach as many people as possible – almost half the New Zealand population works in 2% of its companies.

A robust gifting programme is in place, which means schools and high-risk sectors can access the resource at no charge.

Take a Breath Week was created to build awareness of effective breathing; and so that New Zealanders could experience the benefits for themselves.

Responding to a community in need